Our Services


dog walking  $25.00

30 minute exercised /structured walks for high energy dogs that require exercise when their owners are able or as part of a regular routine  

Daily Check in  $20.00

15-20 let outs /walks for potty break.  This allows owners that work long hours to give their dogs a break to do their business and get some socialization time.  Also great for owners who don't want to rush home from a day or evening outing.

dog sitting  $25.00

30 minute visits for owners on vacation.  2 -4 visits daily includes feeding, walking, let outs, playtime, companionship.  Leave your dogs home in their natural environment.  Less stress for your dog and no worries about unnecessary vaccinations as well as strict pick up and drop off constraints. 

cat sitting  $20.00

15-20 daily visits.  1-2 visits per day.  includes feeding, litter cleaning, playtime and  brushing. We also administer medications (insulin and oral medications.

extended walks / hikes  $50.00

60 + minute trail walks. Off leash hikes available for off leash trained dogs only.  If interested we can train your dog to have 100% recall with proper training tools.

Puppy Training  $75.00

45-60 minute sessions include crate training, basic obedience (sit, stay, down, off, come, no and drop), potty training, leash walking , proper training tools tailored for puppies.

dog training  $75.00

60 minute sessions for your adult dog's needs include crate training, basic obedience, heeling, leash manners, choosing correct training tools for your dog's individual needs, stopping unwanted behaviors (jumping, leash reactivity, counter-surfing, destructive behaviors and much more. 


I have been using The Walking Rovers since they trained my husky, Cyrus, as a pup. Cyrus is now five years old. The faces sometimes change, but each dog walker and sitter has been consistently compassionate and diligent.
— Corinne Mafnas